Lockdown Love

I’ve been sitting in my ivory tower, looking at my new view thinking that this girl should be content/happy with her lot, but there is something big missing. Wondering who to talk to about this and having done some inner child meditation recently I decided to ask her, she asked me, “when are we going to skip with friends again, travel to amazing places we dream about”. I couldn’t answer her.

I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have lots of friends to go skipping with, travel with, laugh with. This gorgeous girl in a poncho stood on the sand on Scarborough beach is a bit concerned about the boys and girls around her with no one to skip or travel with.

Lockdown five, I have noticed the strongest of my friends sound frustrated and lost. I think, and my friends are of a like mind, that any negative emotion can be turned into a positive. How about we turn this frustration into kindness and talk to the lost looking boy or girl, ring a friend that we haven’t seen or spoken to for a while.

I’ve also been a witness to people being judgmental, a close friend of mine has been grieving the loss of a child and parents. She has had depression and anxiety and obviously looks sad. When I’m with her walking, people won’t look her in the eye. I find that if we look at ourselves and ask if someone is sad or needing just a smile, how hard would it be for ourselves to smile at a stranger? Let’s make the world around us a happier place by the simple act of kindness, it will bring us joy as well as that stranger who is lost, it might only take a smile.

Namaste Michelle x 💕🙏🏼💕

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