yoga for dogs

My new dog Duchess is a big bundle of blow you’re head off energy, she is a three year old Australian cattle dog and my goodness you know she’s there. Cattle dogs by nature are obsessive about their owners, they are highly intelligent happy dogs as long as their humans are near by.

Whilst practicing yoga I began to subconsciously notice Duchess being there, quietly for a change, next to me. This carried on for some time without another thought, until my daughter passed by, she announced her entrance into the room by giggling and saying Duchess is doing yoga mum! I looked around and there she was trying to copy me, she followed me further into downward dog. This made me realise that she really was trying to copy what I was doing.

I started to research this further, could this be having a calming effect on my dog? There are a lot of sites out there that say yoga is really good for our canine pals. Well, when you think about it, have you noticed how worried your dog looks if you are angry or agitated about something? The same must go for if you are calm and breathing deeply right? There is also something amazingly bonding about having a furry friend beside you when you are practicing something you love, so my friends Michelle from Yoga One to One will continue to entertain you with anecdotes, the next post I think I will talk about my obsession with coconut oil and cocoa beans. Cheers for now 🙂



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