Hi Guys, my name is Michelle and I am a life coach specialising in Yoga, Running and Tai Chi.

If you are a yogi and you want to compliment you’re practice with a running program, or if you are a runner and you want to become more flexible and mindful with a spiritual yoga practice, Michelle at “Yoga One to One” will create a training programme that suites your needs. You may also be new to both wonderful practices, I can help with that too, I also practice Tai Chi to an intermediate level, I use elements of this in my training. I have been a  yoga practitioner for 19 years focusing mainly on Ashtanga Yoga expanding my knowledge in recent years to Hatha based yoga, yoga became my crutch for my life’s experiences and challenges. I have been a runner for 8 years and a Tai Chi practitioner for two years. I have trained as a yoga teacher with “My Health Yoga” based in Queensland. I am now teaching.

What to expect, I  take each individual on a case to case basis, I look at your needs and build a program for you to use long term, I care about the person and would like to bring balance back into people’s lives. I take details of you’re lifes habits into consideration in a professional, confidential manor and incorporate new good habits, physically, mentally, nutritionally into an easy to use programme. I also believe in taking things slowly and logging/journaling  how a person feels as we go along this process. Why not call or email Michelle now for a free first time half hour consultation.

I believe everyone deserves to be healthy, happy and content.

Contact Michelle  mobile 0466 726 496, email ashtanganut@yahoo.com.au